Light Gauge Steel Truss

Construction Specialties Inc. installs light gauge steel trusses all over the United States. Also, we performed specific on-site consultation and management of the light gauge steel truss installation at the United States Embassy in Koror, Palau. We work with both public and private contractors.

What is a Light Gauge Steel Truss?

Light Gauge Steel Trusses are cold-formed steel that are made from structural quality steel sheets that are formed into shapes. They can be designed and fabricated to exact specifications and are an excellent choice for roof or floor systems in residential or commercial construction.

What are some benefits to Light Gauge Steel Truss?

Design – Can be completely customized to fit the specifications of any building and is formed offsite to be delivered to the job for easy installation.

Cost Saving– Trusses arrive ready to be installed, allowing for quick installations, saving time and therefore labor costs.

Safety – Steel framing is safer against fires, strong winds, and seismic ratings. Also resistant to rust, corrosion and termites.

Durability – Steel has a stronger strength-to-weight ratio than wood and even flexes with force—one reason for its success on large construction projects. Steel is also dimensionally stable, meaning it won’t shrink, split, warp or crack; this helps prevent costly repairs and additional material purchasing.

Sustainability - Steel can be 100% recycled.