Conventional Steel

Our Conventional Steel erector crews proudly serviceĀ Michigan and the Great Lakes Area.

What is Conventional Steel?

Conventional steel refers to a type of steel with low levels of carbon formulated for low yield strength and high hardening capabilities.

These buildings are traditional metal structures constructed by rolled steel sections which are designed individually and fabricated at site using welding and cutting.

Steel erectors, also known as iron workers, construct the frames of tall structures, including skyscrapers, hospitals, parking garages, air traffic control towers, manufacturing plants and universities. They perform a range of services from shear stud or joint installation to building renovation to metal decking. Steel erectors either control derricks and cranes, or direct crane operators, in transporting buckets of concrete, reinforcement bars, structural steel components and other necessary materials to their position on the building.

What are some benefits to Conventional Steel?

Design - Each building is designed from the ground up, allowing maximum customization for individual needs and creating a unique structure.

Structure - This steel is great for structures more than two stories high and is more accepting of reinforcement, making it easier to change dead loads. This makes it easier for any building modifications.

Durability - Steel has a higher strength to weight ratio compared to other building materials.

Sustainability - Structural steel is the most recycled material on the planet. 88% of today's steel is made of recycled product and is fully recyclable.